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Safer Online Dating is about more than online dating. It's about staying safe during all the time you spend online. It's about the Mindset of Safety. Read this book. You'll apply some of the tips to your online life. Moreover, you'll act more safely online and out in the real world!

Online Victimization Statistics
The U.S. Department of Justice reports...
The cost of identity theft is over $8.6 billion per year.
Stalking impacts 3.4 million people annually.
25% of stalking victims report some form of cyberstalking.
25,000 adults are victims of GPS stalking annually.
15% of identity theft victims are victims of domestic abuse.
Learn how to protect yourself by reading Safer Online Dating©

  9 More Good Reasons to Read Safer Online Dating© 

Stay safe when online dating!
Learn how to protect yourself from identity theft!
Understand your privacy from a hands-on perspective!
Get hours of investigative consulting in one book!
Read real-life investigator’s case stories!
Written for all ages including seniors!
Overcome your false sense of security!
Keep your computer clean & secure!
Over 230 tips and ideas to protect you & your privacy!

    Headlines of Unexpected Internet Victimization 
Homicide & Murder
issing Maryland Woman Met Aruba Travel Partner via Online Dating
42-Year-Old Mother of 3 Killed with Shotgun by Spartanburg Internet Lover
Melissa Friedrich: Internet Black Widow
Former Racist Leader Charged in Woman's Murder, Met on Internet
Internet Date Leads to Robbery, Shooting Death of Detroit Ma

Rape, Assault, Kidnapping & Stalking
Match.Com Lawsuit: Woman Sues Dating Site After Being Attacked
Stalkers Exploit Cell Phone GPS
Jilted Ex-Boyfriend Brutally Stabs, Kicks Woman He Met on
DA: Woman Who Answered Craigslist Ad Held As Brooklyn Sex Slave for 8 Days
NYC Woman Lured on Craigslist To N.H. Where Town Official Raped, Imprisoned Her

Internet Crimes Victimize the Gay Community
Three Sentenced in Death of Gay Man Lured in Chat Room
Attorney and ACS Deputy Accused of Impersonating Woman on Lesbian Dating Site
Firefighter Accused of Transgender Attack Met on Craigslist
Chicago Adam4Adam Member Accused of Theft, Internet Dating Crimes
Cannibal Arrested for Murder & Eating Gay Man, Victim Lured on Online Dating Site

Identity Theft, Fraud & Hacking
Ukraine Dating Scam: Man Found Homeless After Traveling to Meet Woman
Man Hacks Email Accounts, Posts Victims' Sexy Photos on Their Facebook Pages
Candia Fisher of Fisher Brothers Real Estate Loses Half a Million in Email Scam
Facebook “Friend” Manipulated by Woodbury Man to Mine Her Personal Data
Conman to Pay Back Fraction of Amount Stolen From Victims on Dating Website

Robbery, Theft & Burglary
Woman Robbed at Gunpoint During Craigslist Deal Gone Bad in Pontiac
New Hampshire Police Bust Facebook Burglary Ring
Social Networking and the Rise of Break-Ins
Twitter Usage During Vacation Blamed For Recent Burglary
Law Enforcement's FourSquare Sting Nets 10,000 Burglar Arrests

More Online Problems in the News
About 2 Million Americans Met Their Spouses Online. Now the Divorces are Starting
Michigan Man Allegedly Spread HIV to Kill Victims Met on Yahoo! Personals
Theft of Data from Every Guest in 1300 Best Western Hotels in Past 12 Months
Child Identity Theft Takes Advantage of Kids' Unused Social Security Numbers
Family Secrets: Parents Prey on Children's Identities as Victims Stay Silent

Table of Contents

Headlines - Homicide & Murder

The Growing Trend of Online Dating
Living Your Life Online 
Seniors, Social Media & Online Dating
Alan’s Case Files - Keylogger Thwarts Identity Theft by Home Health Aide
Geosocial Networking Services
Twitter, Foursquare, Social Follow, Chat Rooms & Other Social Media
Alan’s Case Files - Grifter on America Online

The Problem

Your Personal Information Is Never Secure
You Give Away Your Personal Information
Your Personal Information is Shared and Hacked
A Look Inside’s Information Sharing Companies
Uncontrolled Sharing of Personal Data –’s Terms of Service
Online Dating – Flirt at Your Own Risk
Dating Sites Understand YOUR Risk
Dating Sites Do Not Protect You from Data Breaches
The Big Business of Data Breaches
Data Breaches Touch Every Area of Your Life
To Protect & Serve Themselves – Public Employees as Online Perpetrators

Headlines - Rape, Assault, Kidnapping & Stalking

Online Dating Victimization
The Problem of Internet Dating Victimization
Alan’s Case Files - Woman’s Married Boyfriend Poses as Online Confidant - Ex-boyfriend Charged with Woman's Murder
Alan’s Case Files - Covert Government Operative or Craigslist Scammer?
Alan’s Case Files - Two Sisters in an AOL Chat Room

Online Dater Profiles – Can You Trust Them?
Alan’s Case Files - Con-Artist on & okCupid
Types of Online Dating Victimization
Identity Theft & Identity Fraud
Social Networkers Are an Identity Thief’s Dream
Most Common Ways to Commit Identity Theft or Fraud
GPS - “I can't figure out how he's tracking me.”
Alan’s Case Files - Woman Harassed on AOL Asks P.I. to Help
Romance Scams & Romance Frauds
Online Romance Scammer Methods
Identity Fraud
Cyber Spying & Victims of Abuse

Headlines - Internet Crimes Victimize the Gay Community

Attacks on Your Personal Information
Methods of Access to Information
Keystroke Loggers or Keyloggers
Types of Keyloggers
Alan’s Case Files - Abusive Husband Controls Wife with Keylogger
Alan’s Case Files - Proactive P.I. Changes Spy Software Marketing

Smartphones – No Privacy Even on “Secure” Sites
Remote Access to Your Personal Information
Alan’s Case Files - Married Computer Tech Makes Pass, Leaves Spyware

Other Personal Information Escape Routes
Social Engineering & Pretexting
Joining Groups, Registering for Discounts & Other Sites
Children & Your Computer
Skype – The Whole World is Watching

Daily Internet Insecurity
Your Business & the Companies You Do Business With
Alan’s Case Files - P.I.’s Case Leads to Identity Theft Conviction

A Safer Online Dating Experience
Making Your Online Dating Experience Safer
Tips for Safer Dating
Protect Yourself from Frauds & Scams

The Background on Background Checks
The Problems with Conducting Your Own Background Searches & the National Sex Offender Registry – A False Sense of Security
Alan’s Case Files - Don’t Call This Rapist a Child Molester

Headlines - Identity Theft, Fraud & Hacking

Guarding the Gateway to Your Life
Keeping Your Computer Up to Date
Keeping Your Operating System Up-to-Date
Keeping Microsoft Windows Up-to-Date
Keeping Mac OS Up-to-Date
Keeping Your Software Up to Date
Keeping Your Web Browser Up to Date
Get Adobe Updates
Downloading Software
ActiveX Controls & Browser Add-ons
Computer Settings
Change Your Computer Name
Anti-Virus Software & Anti-Spyware Software
Disable Pop-ups
Types of Computer Infections
Keylogger or Key Stroke Logger
Malware or Malicious Software
Trojans, Viruses & Worm 

Headlines - Robbery, Theft & Burglary

Adopt Safer Online & Computer Behavior
Dangerous Email & Clicking on Links
Phishing & Anti-Phishing Protection
Anatomy of a Phishing Email
Chain Letters – Just Delete
Forwarded Email
Free Software & File-Sharing Is Risky Behavior
Sexting – Not Worth Risking Your Life
WiFi Hotspots – “I’ll have an espresso with a shot of identity theft.”
Wi-Fi & Home Networks – Pull the Shades Down Before You Do It.
Create Secure Passwords
The Importance of https & https for Facebook
What Really Happens When You Press 'Delete'
Backup Your Files Regularly
USB Flash Drive Security
Flash Drive Safety Tips
Keeping Laptops from Getting Lost or Stolen

Personal Protection for Online Daters
Self Defense – From Avoidance to Weapons
Alan’s Case Files - Process Servers & Verbal Self-Defense
Pepper Spray
Alan’s Case Files - Staying Safe with Pepper Spray
Alan’s Case Files - Shots Fired During Vehicle Repossession

Mobile Safety Tips
Give Only Your Car Key When Getting Your Car Repaired

Headlines - More Online Problems in the News

Financial Protection for Internet Users
Online Banking – Very Convenient & Very Unsafe
Credit Reports for Asset Protection
Free Credit Reports
Fraud Alerts, Credit Freezes & Credit Lock

Stay Safe Out There

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