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A little about Alan...

Since 1981, Alan has been providing litigation support and investigative services to corporations, law firms and individuals all over the United States and Canada He has a depth of experience on a wide-range of investigative and business matters. 

Alan has handled many types of investigations, including to homicide defense, identity theft, social media and online safety, burglary, domestic violence, infidelity, dating, cyber tracking, elder abuse and non-profit scams, political research, child abuse, home health care victimization, disreputable vendors, privacy, witness location, interviews, surveillance, personal injury, background reports, activity checks, staged-accident fraud, matrimonial and corporate work. He has provided services in security on retail, warehouse and grounds as well as supervising guard teams. 

Alan has conducted thousands of interviews and background investigations and spent 25 years serving thousands of summonses and subpoenas in the New York City to Pennsylvania region as well as nationally. The evasive defendant or witness is Alan’s specialty. He is an expert in the location, retrieval and analysis of public records. 

Alan has been active in legislative affairs and has been effective on Capitol Hill and in State Houses. He has sat on a number of ethics committees and believes that an investigation only has value when it is based on ethical and lawful principles. A highlight of Alan’s legislative activity was when he successfully worked with then Senator Joe Biden to amend the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act, thereby securing information access for process servers, investigators and security companies. 

Tenacious, deliberate and collaborative, Alan brings the important combination of an experienced, street-level view of matters as well as a wider perspective that rounds out the strategic and tactical solutions for clients and the firm. Alan has donated hundreds of hours to the community to assist those who can not afford investigative services.

Alan is the founder of Elder Caregiver Watch, an organization assisting people to be protected and solving problems once victimized.

Alan is the author of a few books including the well-received and helpful Safer Online Dating – A Comprehensive Guide from an Investigator’s View©. He speaks at colleges, civic organizations and on issues panels.  

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