Employment Verifications

Fugitive Recovery/Bail Enforcement
General Research
Insurance Fraud

Interviews (Thousands)
Law Enforcement Interface
     US Postal Inspectors, FBI, local and state agencies.
Legal Courier
     Inter-attorney correspondence, Court filing
Locate Investigations
     Witness, Defendant, Heirs, Holocaust Survivors
Marital and Family

     Infidelity, Marital Asset Diversion, Child Abduction
Medicaid & Medicare Fraud
Non-Profit Analysis
Pastoral & Religious Abuse

      Testimony Verification, False Ordination
Personal Injury

Professional Backgrounds and Misconduct

Political Consulting

Public Corruption
Public Record and Database Research
        Federal, State, County, Local, Search Services,

        Document Retrieval
Security Services Management
Service of Process
       Served thousands of subpoenas, summonses & writs nationwide.
       Specialized in evasive and hard to serve assignments.
       New York City Department of Consumer Affairs Licensed,

       New York State Labor Relations Board Contractor

       Vehicular Accidents, Slip and Fall, Staged Accidents,

       Corporate Fraud, Infidelity, Child Abuse,
       Divorce, Neighbor Disputes, Homicide, Theft,

       Premises Accidents, Personal Negligence, Workers Compensation
Title & Property Record Searches

Alan's Investigative Experience

Accident Investigation
Activity Checks

Auto, Slip & Fall, Fatal Auto (attended 3 autopsies)

Staged Accidents
Asset Location & Recovery

     Pre-litigation, Post judgment

Judgment Enforcement

Vehicle Repossession
Background Investigations
      Criminal, Civil, Judgment & Lien, Assets,

      Associations, Employment, Address Histories,  

      Corporate & Officer Backgrounds

      Franchisee/Franchisor, Multi-Level Marketing

Self-history reconstruction
Cable Piracy, Pay Per View Theft
Social Media Investigations & Consulting
Identity Theft

Dating Investigations

      Stalking, Cyber Stalking, Computer Spying

Asset Diversion
Disreputable Vendors

      Compliance, Breach of Contract

Real Property Fraud
Corporate Competitive Intelligence
Criminal Defense

Criminal Victimization

Domestic Violence and Abuse




Terroristic Threats

Elder Abuse Investigations
    Nursing Home and Assisted Living,

    Home Health Aide, Identity Theft,

    Home Safety, Family Members

Selected Investigative Articles

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