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Robert P. Goulding, P.I.
President, Specialized Private Investigations
Director of Investigations, Presidents Investigative Group
828-348-4296   828-628-9103 (cell) 

Robert brings to the firm over 25 years experience with the Metropolitan Police in England. He has over 10 years private investigative experience in North Carolina and the surrounding region. Rob has a proven record in the assessment, management, investigation, and supervision of criminal investigations and incidents at all levels.

Among others, Rob has conducted investigations in the following areas:
Civil Litigation
Insurance Investigations (SIU)
Background Investigations for Litigation
Criminal  Defense including Capital Cases
Business Due Diligence & Partner Inquiries
Consultant for Asheville Police Department
Corporate Support including Employee Background Investigations (Hourly to C-Suite)

Rob is also an expert in the management of cases and law enforcement agencies. During his tenure with the Metropolitan Police Department in England, Rob worked in the following areas:
Internal Affairs
Forensic Science
Forensic Explosives
Criminal Investigations
Crime Pattern Analysis
Anti Terrorist Investigations
Quality Control of Investigations
Crime Department Management
Criminal Justice Unit Management
Computerized Crime Investigation Management 

Rob has received London Metropolitan Police commendations for:
Counter Terrorism
Criminal Prosecution
Internal Affairs Matters
International Missing Persons

Member of Professional Societies
Intellenet International Intelligence Network
National Association of Investigative Specialists
North Carolina Association of Private Investigators
North Carolina Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) Instructor Certification
North Carolina Private Investigator; License No. 2725

Michael Guadagno
Principal, Michael Guadagno Counter-Espionage Investigations
Director of Electronic Counter Surveillance, Presidents Investigative Group
828-348-4296  716-830-6755 (cell) 


 Michael Guadagno is a highly regarded, board certified and extremely well-versed law enforcement and investigative professional with an unusual trade specialty. He hunts spies and he loves it! 

Michael has an extensive background in government, military, law enforcement, business and private citizen counter-espionage detection and investigator services. 

Michael Guadagno Counter Espionage Investigations is licensed, insured, and bonded with professional Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) sweep technicians. 

Coupled with a broad spectrum of educational and professional accomplishments, this group is uniquely qualified at espionage detection, or in common language, catching real spies.

Michael is a graduate of the New York State Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Academy.  He is formerly a government law enforcement officer and the recipient of numerous letters of commendation from U.S. presidents, New York and North Carolina State Attorneys General, Chief Crown Attorney Toronto Ontario Canada. He has the honor of being praised for his work and successes from many professional associations and his professional colleagues. 

He has been the guest speaker and trainer at law enforcement academies in several states including the Department of Defense Federal Law Enforcement Academy at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. Michael has also earned the elite title of Veteran Spy Hunter and is on the advisory board of Espionage Research Institute International. 

Michael's trained staff is comprised of former federal law enforcement officers, engineers, technicians and private investigators whose years of experience and education enable us to protect our clients and provide security for our clients. We are on your side to help you achieve justice and peace of mind. Michael Guadagno ranks among one of the top counter espionage privately-owned businesses in the nation. 

What is peace of mind worth to you? From stalking to computer monitoring, spying is very prevalent and big business. We perform covert investigations with the use of our sophisticated, state of the art equipment.

We expose illegal monitoring, surveillance, eavesdropping, unlawful investigations and threats planted by corporate, family, domestic and international spies.

Seasoned and Multi-Faceted Investigator to Lawyers, Businesses & Individuals

Since 1981, Alan has handled many types of investigations. He has provided services in security on retail, warehouse and grounds as well as supervising guard teams. Alan has conducted thousands of interviews and background investigations. Diverse additional services have included bail enforcement (bounty hunting) and vehicle repossession. Alan is an expert in the location, retrieval and analysis of public records. 

Alan helps people find the information they need and develops solutions to their problems. With a depth of experience on a wide-range of investigative and business matters, he is able to advise and teach his clients so that they can better handle matters for themselves in the future.

Not every task is adversarial. Sometimes people just need a professional who is not emotionally tied to the issue at hand to bring some clarity and closure. Alan is adept at working with diverse people to resolve problems. Often, people do not need a licensed investigator. When you do, Alan will help you find a reputable one with the skills and experience needed for your particular matter. You can expect Alan’s full attention and thoughtfulness regarding your situation.

Click here for a comprehensive list of Alan’s cases.

The Necessary Attributes to Get the Job Done

Tenacious, deliberate and collaborative, Alan brings the important combination of an experienced, street-level view of matters as well as a wider perspective which rounds out the strategic and tactical solutions for clients. This experience helps him to be able to help you solve your problems. One client gave Alan the moniker "The Gumshoe Therapist" because he understands people and their condition – the foundation of this profession.


Corporate and Attorney Support Services Professional

Alan has been providing litigation support and investigative services to corporations, law firms and individuals all over the United States and Canada. He has a depth of experience on a wide-range of investigative and business matters. 

Effective Professional Process Server

Alan spent 25 years serving thousands of summonses and subpoenas in the New York City to Pennsylvania region as well as nationally. The evasive defendant or witness is Alan’s specialty.

Legislative Affairs Experience from the State House to Capitol Hill

Alan has been active in legislative affairs and has been effective on Capitol Hill and in State Houses. He has sat on a number of ethics committees and believes that an investigation only has value when it is based on ethical and lawful principles. A highlight of Alan’s legislative activity was when he successfully worked with then Senator Joe Biden to amend the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act, thereby securing information access for process servers, investigators and security companies. Alan currently sits on the Legislative Committee for The Land of the Sky Association of REALTORS®.

Serving the Community

Alan has donated hundreds of hours to the community to assist those who can not afford investigative services. For three years, Alan was a volunteer investigator for a local indigent assistance, non-profit law firm. Alan is the founder of Elder Caregiver Watch, an organization assisting people to be protected and solving problems once victimized.

Each month, Alan donates his time to teach Realtor® Safety at The Land of the Sky Association of REALTORS®. He also contributes his expertise to houses of worship in the Asheville area.

Click here for a partial list of Alan’s community service.

Author and Speaker

Alan is the author of a few books including the well-received and helpful Safer Online Dating – A Comprehensive Guide from an Investigator’s View©. He speaks at colleges, churches, civic organizations and on issues panels. Over the years, Alan's work has appeared or been used on, among others, CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox and CNBC as well as newspapers and magazines.

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